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Hamlet in Staunton

Yesterday will be a day marked as one of the best in my life. We went to see Hamlet...

more beautiful than I thought

You always have things that happen to you in life, you can decide for yourself how you want to...

I am Too Alone in the World

Tom read “I am Too Alone in the World” by Rainer Maria Rilke To me, Rilke’s poem seemed to...


Sean Mulcahy
May 20, 2015

The sky was a placid ocean

The sky, a placid ocean Slumbers dim in the night. My Memories are, Stars, sunk in an eternal well...


Garrett Hawkins
June 16, 2015

Rain Poems 2015

VI. Like the fall of rains Through the cloud of ash Of one of our pyroclasms, I was scared,...

This week at Airy Knoll

This week at Airy Knoll – every week at Airy Knoll – ads a rich layer to my life,...


May 2015